Policy on Cookies

Policy for the use of “cookies”

The website of the Administrator Meral Bulgaria AD, www.meral-bg.com, uses “cookies”.

Cookies used

System-required cookies:

These are cookies without which the website functioning is impossible or is placed under high risk levels.

This includes cookies for navigation in the website, storing the filled -in information when passing between the different steps, as well as upon entry or registration by administrators.

The cookies providing control over the connection security and the protection from undesired interventions are also system-required.

That type of cookies is often defined as temporary or session cookies because they are temporarily stored and disappear after closing the browser’s session.

Functionality cookies

This category of cookies serves to facilitate the user upon using the website and taking into account individual preferences of the relevant user.

Domain (subdomain)

Cookie’s name

Cookie’s purpose

Cookie’s content

Cookie’s storage period



Consent for using cookies


10 years

Functionality cookies include cookies for recognition of the device, storing preferences regarding language and font size and others. This type of cookies can be stored for longer periods of time on the device; they can be used for more than one session of the browser and are called permanent.

Analysis cookies

Cookies for analysis serve for gathering statistical information on the grounds of which general conclusions can be drawn and recommendations can be made about the website efficiency in view of the users’ goals.

Such statistics include users of a website, number of most visited websites, sources of the visit, time spent on the website, errors occurred, etc. Those cookies enable collecting anonymous information of the manner in which users navigate through the website and the difficulties they may experience.

For better precision, Google uses the reputable analytical instruments of Google Analytics.

Third-party cookies used in meral-bg.com

It is possible that there are referrals to other websites or inbuilt content from other websites on the internet page (for example, from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, or others). Upon visiting those websites or opening their content it is probable that cookies be placed on your end device with source those other websites. Such cookies are called “third-party cookies”. Meral Bulgaria AD has no control over the generation or management of "third-party cookies". For more information regarding the purposes for using third-party cookies " and their content, please search and get acquainted with the confidentiality policies and the policies for using cookies adopted by the relevant third parties.

Cookie management

Users can control and/or delete cookies whenever they wish. For more information, please see aboutcookies.org. They can dele all cookies already saved on their computers, and they can also adjust most browsers to block them. If they do so, it may be necessary to manually adjust some parameters every time they visit a certain website and in addition, it is possible that some services or functions do not function.

To deactivate the cookies and terminate their use, users can follow one of the following links, depending on the browser used:

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